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A few years ago, I submitted a theme I made to ThemeForest. It passed all of the theme check guidelines and the code quality was good. But the theme review team at ThemeForest quickly rejected my submission because the aesthetic quality was not good enough.

I thought the web design looked OK, so I asked for some honest feedback on the ThemeForest forums. Here’s some of the more memorable feedback I received: “Looks like something you would see in the 90’s.” and “I can’t pinpoint anything specific which is bad because everything about the design is bad.”.

I learnt a harsh but valuable lesson. I might be a good web designer, but I’m definitely not a talented one. There’s a difference between design and development. My strengths are more on development side of things.

The Multi Rating Pro plugin has been around for far too long without a logo. I could have attempted to create a logo by myself, but I wanted a professional logo for my business.

So with this mind, I asked Ven Creative, a website and graphic design agency from Melbourne, to design a logo for Multi Rating Pro. The whole experience has been amazing and I am stoked with the results. The logo is memorable, unique and clever. The yellow star is instantly recognizable with a rating system and the rocket gives it cool power. I highly recommend Ven Creative if you need a logo for your business.

The free Multi Rating plugin now stands out on the plugin repository and in just the first 2 weeks I am seeing a 40% increase in referral traffic from and a 30% increase in free downloads. I am really pleased with the impact the new branding is having. Check out the new logo below and let us know if you like it.

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  1. Hi Daniel, it looks great and should make people take notice!! I believe your plugin is excellent so hopefully your returns are increased even further!!

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