The plugin is i18n translation ready. The .pot and .mo files are located in the “languages” directory of the plugin. The text-domain of the plugin is “multi-rating-pro” for the pro version and “multi-rating” for the free version.

Remember to name the language translation files in the format <plugin name>-<locale>.<po or mo> e.g. “multi-rating-pro-en_AU.po”. Place your language translations files under the plugin languages folder normally under wp-content (e.g. wp-content/languages/plugins/

See here

The plugin has custom text settings that are saved in the database. You will need to disable the custom text settings under the Advanced settings so that the default source text is used instead. Once disabled, make sure the custom text settings are readonly.

WPML & Polylang Plugin Compatibility

The plugin is fully WPML and Polylang compatible – both are WordPress plugins to make your website multilingual. Here’s the compatibility page for Multi Rating Pro on the WPML website.

Certificate of Compatibility for Multi Rating Pro WordPress plugin
Certificate of Compatibility for Multi Rating Pro WordPress plugin

Both the WPML and Polylang plugins create separate posts for post content translations in different languages.

The design for WPML and Polylang plugin compatibility is as follows:

  • Rating entries for posts are saved against the current language post id. This allows only rating entries for the current language to be shown for the [mrp_rating_entry_details_list] shortcode and relevant widget on the frontend.
  • All rating entries can be viewed in the WP-admin regardless of the current language.
  • Ratings across translated posts will be combined for the overall rating of a post (e.g. [ No ratings yet. ] and [[mrp_rating_entry_details_List]]). This applies to rating item results as well (e.g. [mrp_rating_item_results]).
    Example: Post #1 has been translated across to two other languages #2 and #3. #1 has 2 rating entries 3/5 and 4/5. #2 has 1 rating entry 5/5. #3 has 3 rating entries 1/5, 2/5 and 2/5. The overall rating for post #1 should be include the rating entries from #2 and #3. So the overall rating should be 3/5 (5 votes). The same overall rating applies to #2 and #3.

WPML Add-Ons

When you add or edit rating items, custom fields or rating forms, the text strings are registered for translation. You can use the WPML String Translation plugin add-on to translate these strings.

A language configuration file (wpml-config.xml) is used by the WPML Translation Management plugin add-on to translate the custom text settings stored in the WP options table.

In addition, the WPML String Translation plugin add-on provides a tool to import PO files.

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