A powerful rating system and review plugin for WordPress.

Easy to use rating system for your WordPress site; with a niche of doing multi-ratings better than anyone else.

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A sample rating form with star ratings, select dropdown, radio buttons and a comment review field.

Equipped With Powerful Features and Options

Allows users to rate posts based on multiple rating criteria or questions. Can also be used for polls, quizzes, online votes and surveys.

WordPress Comment Ratings

Integrates a rating system with WordPress comments.

Google Rich Snippets

Enables rich snippets to improve SEO with JSON-LD structured data added to posts & pages. Integrations with WordPress SEO by Yoast and WooCommerce plugins.

WordPress Star Ratings

Displays star ratings using icon font libaries such as Font Awesome and Dashicons.

In-built Template System

Customize the presentation using the in-built template system.

Bayesian Ratings

Supports bayesian averages to ensure posts are fairly rated.

Weighted Rating Items

Enables different weights to be assigned to rating items.

Custom Fields

Collect additional information using input or textarea custom fields.

Rating Result Types

Choose to display either star ratings, a score (e.g. out of 100) or percentage rating results.

Rating Item Types

Several rating mechanisms including select dropdown lists, star ratings, thumbs up/down and radio buttons.

Export Ratings to CSV

Comes with a tool to export ratings to a CSV file.

Custom Star Rating Images

Upload custom star rating images to use instead of icon fonts.

i18n Translation Ready

The plugin is i18n translation ready with .pot and .mo files.

Gutenberg Blocks, Widgets & Shortcodes

Includes a list of post ratings (e.g. top ratings), a user ratings dashboard, details of rating item results and recent rating entries (customer reviews) etc... View documentation on widgets and shortcodes.

Developer Friendly

Comprehensive documentation, excellent code quality, theme template tags, plenty of extensible WordPress action hooks & filters, a readonly REST API and many code samples.

E-mails Notifications

Setup e-mail notifications with custom templates for ratings that need to be moderated or ratings that have been approved.

Create rating forms with rating items, title, comment, e-mail, name and custom fields. Set fields as required fields and assign different weights to rating items.

Create Rating Forms

  • Easy to create rating forms with rating items, review fields and custom fields.
  • Unlimited rating forms
  • Add multiple rating forms on the same page (if needed)
  • Setup automatic placement of the rating form on pages and posts
  • Gutenberg block, shortcode & widget to display the rating form
  • Google invisible reCAPTCHA Add-On
  • Gravity Forms Add-On

Moderate Rating Entries

  • Add e-mail notifications whenever a new rating requires moderation or is approved
  • Setup automatic or manual approval of rating entries
  • View all rating entries from WP-admin
  • Filter rating entries by entry status (pending or approved), dates, users, posts etc...

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Moderate (approve/disapprove) rating entries from the WordPress admin UI
Full control to edit rating entry and review data in the WordPress Admin UI.

Edit Rating Details

  • View details of each rating entry
  • Updates restricted to certain user role capabilities (manage or moderate ratings)
  • Update rating item values, custom field text and review field values such as title, name, comment etc..
  • Update rating entry metadata including date/time, post id, rating form and reassign to different users

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  • Display rating entry details and show/hide specific fields including a gravatar, date/time, name, title, comment etc...
  • Several different review layouts including a table and an inline view
  • Sort options e.g most recent and highest rated
  • Guteberg block, shortcode and widget available
Display detailed rating entries in a review layout including title, name, overall rating, custom fields, date/time, gravatar profile picture and selected rating items
Display a detailed breakdown of selected rating item values, similar to the Amazon rating summary.

Rating Item Results

  • Display a breakdown of rating item results
  • Show counts of selected rating item values
  • Several different layouts including a bar chart (e.g. poll), inline count or an average rating
  • Gutenberg block, shortcode and widget available

User Ratings Dashboard

  • Displays a summary of all user ratings
  • Allows users to quickly edit or delete their existing ratings
  • Provides users with some of their rating statistics
  • Shortcode available
Provide users with a dashboard which allows users to quickly view, edit or delete their existing ratings.

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