Multi Rating free version

Multi Rating Pro

Premium version

Create forms with rating items

All rating items added to the one form
Gutenberg block, shortcode, widget & template

Unlimited rating forms
Multiple rating forms can be displayed on the same page
Override the rating form to be used on specific posts, URLs, post types, post ids, taxonomies, terms etc…
Gutenberg block, shortcode, widget & template tags

Integrate ratings with WordPress comment form
Gutenberg Editor compatible
Ratings moderation from WP-admin (e.g. approve or unapprove)

Includes option for automatic or manual approval of rating entries

Google Rich Snippets for SEO (JSON-LD structured data)


AggregateRating and Review

Add review fields to a form including title, name, e-mail and comment
Display rating entry details in a review layout

Gutenberg block, shortcode, widget & template tag
2 layouts

Display rating item results in a poll layout (similar to plugin reviews and Amazon ratings)

Gutenberg block, Shortcode, widget & template tag
3 layouts

Add custom fields to a form

Supports text and textarea input types

Automatic placement to display the rating form and or rating results on posts or pages (e.g. after the post content)

Options to exclude the home page, search page and archive pages (e.g. category)
Override automatic placement settings to be used on specific posts, URLs, post types, post ids, taxonomies, terms etc

Multilingual & i18n translation ready
Edit rating entry details from WP-admin

Rating item options only

Includes post id, user id, date/time, selected rating item options, custom field values and review field values

Upload custom star images to use instead of icon fonts
Custom text options for labels, messages, titles etc…

Numeric option labels only

Text option labels

Supports different rating methods for rating items

Star ratings, select drop-down list and radio buttons

Star ratings, select drop-down list, radio buttons and thumbs up/down

Assign weight to rating items (used when calculating average ratings)
Manually add rating entries from WP-admin
Allow users to update or delete their own ratings

All ratings are treated as anonymous

After a rating is submitted, an update and cancel button are displayed

Display a dashboard of user ratings

Shortcode and template tag

E-mail notification whenever a rating entry is approved

Able to send e-mail to the post author, the person who submitted the rating entry or to a pre-defined e-mail list
Customize e-mail including the from name, from e-mail, subject and heading
HTML e-mail templates with some substitution values that can be used (e.g. user display name, rating details, date etc…)

E-mail notification whenever a new rating entry is pending moderation

Same as above except e-mails will only be sent to a pre-defined e-mail list

Google reCAPTCHA Add-On

Supports add-on plugin
Requires Google reCAPTCHA API keys

Gravity Forms Add-On

Supports add-on plugin
Requires Gravity Forms plugin

Tool to export ratings to a CSV file
Display list of post ratings (e.g. Top 10 rated posts)

Gutenberg block, shortcode & widget

Gutenberg block, shortcode, widget & template tag

Icon font library support (e.g. star icons)

Font Awesome & Dashicon

Font Awesome & Dashicon

Supports bayesian average ratings

Average only

Choose average or baysian average rating algorithm

Option to set the denominator for star ratings (e.g. out of 5)
Option to set the default type of rating result (star ratings, score or percentage)
Tools to clear calculated ratings (cache) so they can be refreshed
In-built template system to customize HTML presentation
Display list of rating entries for posts by current user

Shortcode, widget & template tag

Load more rating entries in the frontend via AJAX
Option to perform duplicate rating check option


User id for logged in users

Tools which allow bulk delete of rating entries
View details of all rating entries from WP-admin
Search & filter ratings in WP-admin (e.g. date ranges, posts etc…)
Supports custom post types
Options to choose a colors for star ratings selection and hover
Option to hide rating form on submission

Note: Always enabled for logged in users

Filter rating entries and results by taxonomies and terms
Template tags to use in theme PHP code
Disallow specific user roles from submitting ratings
Calculated ratings stored in custom database table

Significant performance benefits

Option to automatically sort posts in the main WordPress loop by highest ratings

Note: Sticky posts will still remain at the stop.

Option to disallow ratings from anonymous (non-logged in) users
Option to disable plugin styles
Custom WordPress user roles & capabilities

Capabilities to manage, moderate, export and delete ratings