This website uses the Multi Rating pro plugin throughout however this page serves to provide a guided demo using auto placement.

You will notice the ratings are injected after the post title and the rating form is in the comment form. Go to the comment form at the bottom of this page and take. A post id filteris used to add auto placement specifically on this page.

Here is a rating form using shortcode [mrp_rating_form title="My rating form" submit_button_text="Submit me :)"]. See [mrp_rating_form] shortcode documentation.

My rating form

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3

Submit me 🙂

Here’s the overall rating using shortcode [mrp_rating_result] 3.83/5 (521) . See [mrp_rating_result] shortcode documentation.

Here’s a different rating form by specifying the rating form id and with some custom fields using shortcode [mrp_rating_form title="My rating form with custom fields" rating_form_id="2"]

My rating form with custom fields

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3

Submit Rating

Here’s an example of another rating form with a thumbs rating item and no title [mrp_rating_form rating_form_id="6" title=""].

Submit Rating

Here’s a rating entry in a review layout using shortcode [mrp_rating_entry_details_list layout="table" show_custom_fields="false" limit="2"]. See [mrp_rating_entry_details_list] shortcode documentation.

Rating Entries

This plugin is amazing!



Option 4

Option 3

Here’s a list of of the posts ratings sorted by highest rated using shortcode [mrp_rating_results_list limit="2" show_featured_img="true" taxonomy="category" term_id="1" show_filter="true" filter_label_text="Category" filter_button_text="Filter" sort_by="highest_rated" title="Top Rating Results"]

Top Rating Results

1 The Anxiety of Selling Your Own WordPress Plugin
5/5 (2)
2 New website!
5/5 (1)

Here’s the rating item details for this post shown in a block layout using shortcode [mrp_rating_item_results layout="options_block"]

5 stars 245
4 stars 95
3 stars 103
2 stars 38
1 star 26
No stars 0
Option 4 261
Option 3 56
Option 2 121
Option 1 83
Option 3 302
Option 2 112
Option 1 107

4 thoughts on “Demo Page (Pro version)

  1. Am I missing something?

    Can I assign a different “rating” item to different pages?

    ie. How do I add the item ID to the shortcode [mr_rating_form] ?

    Your help would be much appreciated.

    1. Hi Sam,

      Yes you can. Create multiple rating forms and add different rating items to them both (go to Rating Forms page in WP-admin under the Multi Rating Pro plugin menu). Then add the rating form you need onto the relevant pages, either manually using the [mrp_rating_form rating_form_id="1"] shortcode (note the rating_form_id attribute has been added to specify the rating form) or via automatic placement settings.

      I hope this helps,

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