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I am excited to announce v5 of the Multi Rating Pro plugin is now available. This is a major plugin update and is jam packed with over 60 changes including new features, tweaks and tons of bug fixes.

Some of the main new features include:

  1. An intuitive admin UI for creating and editing rating forms and rating items
  2. Filters to easly assign rating forms and set auto placement for specific taxonomies, terms, post types, post id’s and page URL’s. For example, you may want a assign different rating forms for a restaurant and hotel custom post types.
  3. A rating entries list widget so you can show reviews in a sidebar
  4. Improved e-mail settings with e-mail templates you can customize

The upgrade process should be a smooth process. However please be aware of the following potentially breaking changes:

  • WPML < 3.2 is no longer supported
  • The rating result now cannot be displayed after submit. So if you used any substitution values in the save or update rating success message, these will no longer work. You will need to update the messages.
  • The rating-result-reviews.php template has been replaced by rating-entry-details-list.php template. If you used the old template file, you will
    now need to look at the new one.
  • Removed API functions get_custom_field_values_lookup() and get_rating_item_option_value_text_lookup()
  • Deprecated [get_comment_rating_result] shortcode
  • The optional-fields.php template has been removed and it’s contents added into the rating-form.php template. If you have modified the optional-fields.php template file, you will now need to look at the rating-form.php template file.
  • If you have modified the user-ratings-dashboard template, you will need to rename $rating_result to $rating_entry_result
  • There has been some changes to the rating form integration which breaks the Multi Rating Pro ReCaptcha Add-On plugin. To fix this, you will need to login to your account and download the latest version.

One thought on “Version 5 Released

  1. Hi Romain,

    Automatic updates will start appearing now from within your WP-admin if you have a valid and activated license key on your site. You can simply copy & overwrite the contents of the ZIP file using FTP to the plugins directory if you want to perform a manual upgrade to v5.

    Thank you,

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