Display the rating item results.

E.g. [mrp_rating_item_results layout="options_block" result_type="percentage" rating_item_ids="2"]

Option 4 75%
Option 3 6%
Option 2 12%
Option 1 8%
Attribute Description Values
post_id The post id. If not set, the current post is used from the WP loop. If set to blank (i.e. post_id=””), then all posts are used. Number
rating_form_id The rating form id. If not set, default settings are used. If set to blank (i.e. rating_form_id=””), then all rating forms are used. Number
no_rating_results_text Text to display if there are no rating results yet. If not set, default settings are used. Text
result_type The result type to use. Default is set to star_rating. star_rating, percentage or score
show_count Do you want to show the count of entries. Default set to true. true or false
class Add CSS classes to the parent div element (add spaces between each class). Text
preserve_max_option Keeps the max option value i.e. not out of 5. Default set to true. true or false
layout This layout has three layouts. no_options is set by default.

  • no_options shows the rating item results average.
  • options_inline shows a breakdown of the options in an inline format (i.e. same line).
  • options_block shows a breakdown of the options in a block format (i.e. on a newline) and also has a bar counter similar to ratings on the WordPress.org plugin directory.
no_options, options_inline, options_block
user_roles Filter rating item results by specific WordPress user roles (comma separated) e.g. administrator, editor, subscriber
rating_item_ids Specify the rating items you want to display. If not set, the rating items assigned to the rating form of each rating entry are used. comma separated list of rating item ids e.g. 1, 2, 3
rating_entry_ids Use a selected list or rating entries. comma separated list of Rating Entry Id’s e.g. 1, 2, 3
comments_only Do you want to only show ratings which contain comments? Default is false. true or false
from_date Date range from or start date. Date format yyyy-mm-dd. Default empty.
to_date Date range to or end date. Date format yyyy-mm-dd. Default empty.
taxonomy Filters the rating item results for a specific taxonomy. Taxonomy name e.g. category, post_tag etc…
term_id The term id to filter in the taxonomy. Default is 0 which means all (e.g. all categories). Number
post_ids Use a selected list of posts. comma separated list of Post Id’s e.g. 1, 2, 3