Intuitive Admin UI

An intuitive admin UI for creating rating forms with rating items, common review fields and custom fields.

Rating forms can be automatically displayed on a post or page or added via a widget or a shortcode. You can easily assign different rating forms to different posts, taxonomies, terms (e.g. post category) and post formats.

Unlimited Rating Forms

Here are two different rating forms using shortcode [mrp_rating_form rating_form_id="1" title="Rating Form 1"] and [mrp_rating_form rating_form_id="2" title="Rating Form 2"].

Rating Form 1

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3

Submit Rating

Rating Form 2

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3

Submit Rating


Ratings can be displayed in a review layout e.g. [mrp_rating_entry_details_list show_overall_rating="true" show_custom_fields="false" show_rating_items="true" limit="2" layout="table"].

Rating Entries

This plugin is amazing!



Option 4

Option 3

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.



Option 4

Option 3


Ratings Moderation

Ratings can be automatically approved or moderated. Each rating entry can have a status of pending, approved or unapproved.

Note: Users roles with the mrp_moderate_ratings or mrp_manage_ratings capabilities can moderate ratings from within the WordPress admin.

E-mail notifications can be sent to moderators whenever a new rating requires approval. The e-mail settings allows you to customize the e-mail details and templates.

Add or Edit Ratings

Ratings can be quickly added or edited from within the WordPress admin.

Note: Only user roles with the mrp_manage_ratings capability are allowed to add ratings, reassign ratings to different users, change the post, change the rating form or edit the date/time for existing rating entries. Administrator user roles are assigned this capability by default.

Rating Item Results

You can display a breakdown of rating item results in a poll format with three different layouts: no_options, options_inline and options_block.

A breakdown of selected rating item values displayed as a bar chart:

5 stars 118
4 stars 48
3 stars 53
2 stars 18
1 star 11
No stars 0

An overall average rating item result:

4.24/5 (85)

A count of selected rating item option values:

No stars  (0) 1 star  (4) 2 stars  (4) 3 stars  (11) 4 stars  (15) 5 stars  (51)

As rating items can shared across multiple rating forms and posts, the results can include all, or a subset, of rating forms and posts if necessary. See the [mrp_rating_item_results] shortcode documentation for more information.

User Ratings

Logged in or anonymous users are allowed to leave ratings. There is an option to disallow anonymous ratings in the plugin settings if desired.

Logged in users can view and edit their existing ratings. If a user has already submitted a rating form, user’s can update previously submitted values. The [mrp_user_ratings_dashboard] shortcode also allows logged in users to manage their own ratings in one place.

The [mrp_user_ratings_dashboard] shortcode with the Twenty Fifteen theme. If you click on Edit, the rating form appears below allowing you to update or delete existing ratings.
The [mrp_user_ratings_dashboard] shortcode with the Twenty Fifteen theme. If you click on Edit, the rating form appears below allowing you to update or delete existing ratings.



Filters allow you to easily set different rating forms and turn ron/off auto placement for taxonomies, terms, post types, post id’s and page URL’s. For example, you may want a assign different rating forms for a restaurant and hotel custom post types.

Rating Results List

A widget and the [mrp_rating_results_list] shortcode are available to display a list of overall post ratings. You can sort ratings by highest rated, lowest rated, most entries, post title ascending or post title descending.

e.g. [mrp_rating_results_list show_rank="true" show_filter="false" limit="3" result_type="score" sort_by="highest_rated" show_featured_img="false" title="Top Ratings"]

e.g. [mrp_rating_results_list limit="3" sort_by="most_entries" title="Most Entries" show_rank="false"]

5 Star Rating, Score & Percentage Results

You can choose from star ratings, score  and percentage results.

Here’s a 5 star rating using shortcode [mrp_rating_result] 4.06/5 (87)

Here’s a score using shortcode [mrp_rating_result result_type="score" show_title="true" show_count="false"] Features 9.75/12

Here’s a percentage using shortcode [mrp_rating_result result_type="percentage" show_title="true"] Features 81.23% (87)

Custom Fields

You can add input and textarea custom fields to collect additional information in the rating form.

WordPress Comment System

Ratings can be automatically added to the standard WordPress comment form. You can also display a user’s rating entry details alongside their comments.

Rich Snippets

schema.org structured markup can be be added to every page which allows search engines to display the aggregated ratings as rich snippets.

Font Icons & Custom Star Images

Font Awesome and Dashicon font icons are supported out-of-the box for star ratings. You can also choose to upload custom star images to use instead of using font icons.

Template System

The plugin has an in-built template system. This allows anyone with basic PHP, HTML and CSS knowledge to customize the plugin’s presentation.

Overall Rating Algorithm

You can assign weights to different rating items for a rating form. Average and Bayesian average algorithms can be used for calculating ratings.

Edit Ratings

User’s with either an Administrator or Editor role have the capability to edit ratings.

Developer Friendly

The plugin has plenty of WordPress action hooks and filters to allow developers to customize and extend the plugin.


The plugin comes with various tools including the function to export rating entries to a CSV file.

Free vs. Pro Comparison

Feature Multi Rating (free) Multi Rating Pro
5 star ratings, percentage and score results
Star ratings, select and radio button rating items
Font Awesome or Dashicon star icon fonts
Upload custom star images
Add schema.org microdata (rich snippets)
Show rating results list
Set weights to rating items
Automatic placement or rating form and overall rating
Custom post type support
Custom taxonomy support
In-built template system
WPML Compatibile
Unlimited rating forms
Rating moderation
WordPress comment system integration
Store user ratings
Text rating item options
Add custom fields
Title, name, e-mail and comment review fields
Show rating entries list in review layout
Show rating item details in a poll layout
Bayesian ratings
Show user ratings dashboard
Filters for auto placement and assigning rating forms
Embed reCAPTCHA in rating form
Disallow anonymous ratings